The Arkansas Boy

Those Damn Zombies

The Arkansas Boy.mp3

The Arkansas Boy is Tie Jones who is ready to kill him some zombies all day everyday.

Yeah he enjoys having zombies around, they are a lot funner that actual people.

Who needs work when you have head shots?

Please Critique

What can I do to improve on the comic?

Copyright 2010: Zachary Wade Dailey. All rights reserved.

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 Please feel free to keep the project and other projects going by donating for a good zombie cause.

A page a week and a new dead-head it is that explodes.

I'll be brining you all I can when I can and how I can with no hold backs, I'll even try to beat the Holidays.

Even if I have to do a page in the car on my way to work I wont... But I will do it at work.

But to be honest I do it all on computer and I don't think I would be able to take it with me to work and to be honest I wouldn't want to.

I don't trust any of those people there. Not even the ones I work with.


Also visit me at...!/DaileyImages

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